Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma

Our book Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma (2009) is now entering its second edition.  This site contains excerpts from chapters in the Book along with articles from various sources dealing with: new treatments, gene therapy, caregiver support, insurance issues and legal questions.   




Tarceva and lung cancer
Analysis of Tarceva, Iressa and epidermal growth factor inhibitors. Also see Iressa 
BAC and Iressa. (Discusses results with Iressa and BAC for non-smokers)

EGFR  cell test   (Review of cell tests to determine which tumors are EGFR positive and therefore responsive to Tarceva. 
Non-smoker's lung cancer (review of treatment for non-smoker's lung cancer and recent research) (older versions Non-smoker's lung cancer)
HKI 272 treatment
Newsletter Overview of EGFR inhibitors
T790 mutations and pan inhibitors
Personalized Medicine, ALK and EGFR Testing


Crizotinib and Lung Cancer


stage 1 non small lung cancer
stage 2 lung cancer treatment
stage 3 non-small cell lung cancer treatment
stage 4 non small cell lung cancer
Small cell lung cancer staging and treatment standard and other staging methods,
surgical options, chemotherapy and drug resistance. 


Cox2 inhibitors and lung cancer
(how Cox-2 inhibitors like Celebrex may inhibit the spread of cancer with limited side effects)
Angiogenesis  drug overview discussion of drugs to limit cancer metastasis. 


Lung Cancer Newsletter Spring 2007 (Review of Tarceva and EGFR inhibitors)

Non-smoker's lung cancer (review of treatment for non-smoker's lung cancer and recent research).  EGFR inhibitors are frequently effective for non-smokers so they are encouraged to review the section on EGFR inhibitors also. 


Chemotherapy (What is chemotherapy)
Surgery overview
Lung cancer metastasis and gene behavior


Practical questions for the Lung Cancer Patient and Family 
health insurance issues


clinical (National Cancer Institute list of clinical trials) 

MEDICAL MALPRACTICE CLAIMS  (free consultation provided on legal claims)

Over 70% of lung tumors are diagnosed at advanced stages, reducing the patient's opportunity for long term survival.   In some instances, a doctor's failure to promptly diagnose a lung tumor, and order or interpret appropriate tests may be malpractice.  Our office handles failure to diagnose lung cancer cases in New Jersey and New York.    

evaluating missed diagnosis of cancer cases    legal overview lung cancer claims
medical malpractice lung cancer claims           cancer malpractice statute of limitations               
New York Cancer Malpractice claims               medical malpractice and clinical practice guidelines
New Jersey cancer malpractice claims            medical malpractice liability

Medical malpractice jury instruction               New York Medical malpractice law 
medical malpractice pre-existing cause          workers' compensation doctor liability for malpractice

cancer, malpractice and informed consent      article on missed and delayed diagnosis and malpractice claims

laboratory error and malpractice                             veteran's hospital medical malpractice claims
X-rays and malpractice claims                                 X-rays and missed cancer diagnosis
New York cancer malpractice issues       
       chest x-ray and the diagnosis of lung cancer

delayed diagnosis of cancer                        delayed and missed diagnosis of cancer
causes of delayed diagnosis                                    Evaluating Missed Diagnosis of Cancer cases articles

(articles by Howard Gutman on lung cancer case handling published in the New Jersey Law Journal and New Jersey Lawyer)


Mesothelioma chemotherapy    
Mesothelioma medical treatment
Mesothelioma surgery   pleuropneumonectomy for mesothelioma
Mesothelioma Immunotherapy
Mesothelioma overview
mesothelioma gene therapy


Exposure to dusts such as asbestos and silica is a substantial contributing causes of lung cancer.  Workers exposed to asbestos or silica may have claims for worker's compensation and , product liability, for the manufacture and distribution of a dangerous product.

Asbestos and Lung Cancer,
compensation for lung cancer
    Silica and lung cancer, types of silica exposure,       
Benzene and leukemia.    Exposure to benzene    


cervical cancer malpractice articlescervical cancer malpractice    lung cancer legal issues

cervical cancer malpractice and New York statute of limitations
Breast cancer malpractice   breast cancer malpractice case  Cheety  breast cancer  New York statute of limitations


Lung cancer and Mesothelioma ( The book Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma in Word format, formatting varies from published version)
What is cancer   basic concepts of cancer development, growth factors, oncogenes. 
cancer terminology partial and complete response, methods of evaluating drugs, causation,
how lung cancer develops concepts of genetic damage and alteration,
screening and identification of tumors
diagnostic tools and their accuracy Chest x-ray, Ct Scan, Pet Scan,
Types of lung cancer
Small cell and non-small cell distinctions

Analysis of Iressa and epidermal growth factor inhibitors. 
Cancer weight loss and fatigue   Cachexia, lung cancer pain and fatigue.
Anti-angiogenic drug overview discussion of drugs to limit cancer metastasis.
Small cell lung cancer staging and treatment standard and other staging methods,
surgical options, chemotherapy and drug resistance. 
health insurance issues
Overview of Mesothelioma 
surgery and radiation for mesothelioma 
chemotherapy for mesothelioma

Standard of care for diagnosis of lung cancer
Resource sources
Lung cancer family history and diet 
Other books on Lung Cancer



Lung cancer patients should consider joining Alcase, an effective lung cancer advocacy group and review materials from the Cuneo Lung Study Team, and the European Lung Cancer Working Party. 

 Alliance for Lung Cancer Advocacy, Support, and Education (ALCASE) - The leading lung cancer advocacy group. American cancer online resources, this group has an excellent online newsgroup devoted to small cell, non-small cell lung cancers, and an Iressa discussion group.
 IASLC    The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer, publishers of the respected journal lung cancer, organizer of many conferences.
 Lung Cancer Online - an excellent source for information and resources for patients and families.
 Medline Medline is the world medical database containing over 500,000 articles from medical journals throughout the last 20 years.

 Links       (links to other sites on various topics).

REVIEWS                                                  Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma 

Quality Books "This book provides an invaluable resource for anyone who has or who is caring others with Mesothelioma or other Lung cancers. It provides a wealth of relevant and useful information on various types of lung cancers, medical trials, treatments and medications. This well researched and comprehensive book is quite unique on the subject. This book also contains a detailed discussion on the emotional burden of Lung Cancer upon the patient and their families and ways to manage it."
Lorraine Kember. Author of "Lean on Me - Cancer through a Carer's Eyes", "The very mention of the word Cancer, strikes fear into all of us.... From personal experience I know that knowledge is the key to providing a better "quality of life" for the cancer patient. Better understanding of the stages of the disease and of methods and medications available to treat the pain and symptoms caused by it, allow for the patient and those who care for them, to make informed decisions regarding their care. In this way, they are able to regain some control over their lives. Rarely does one find all the information they need in one book, however I believe Howard's well researched and comprehensive book "Lung Cancer & Mesothelioma", is quite unique. It provides a wealth of relevant and useful information including; how various types of cancer are formed, medical trials, available treatments and medications, insight and discussion regarding the emotional burden of cancer upon the patient and their families and ways by which to manage grief. I believe this book will provide an invaluable resource for anyone who has or who is caring for someone with cancer.


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Howard Gutman has been involved with cancer diagnosis in a personal and professional sense.  He is an attorney who has handled legal claims involving pulmonary and other tumors, and also served as a caregiver for a family member with the disease.    He is the author of the book Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma now entering its second editionHe has published articles in the New Jersey Lawyer and New Jersey Law Journal for other attorneys.  long with articles on assessment of delayed diagnosis claims.  

He was a member of the board of directors of a cancer support group matching patients with support people by disease characteristics.   In his legal capacity, he has appeared on Good Day New York, spoken at the National Press Club  and been interviewed by NBC Nightly News. 

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