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IRESSA (information about ongoing clinical trials with the epidermal growth factor (EGF) inhbitor Iressa. Also provides a brief overview of OSI-774, another EGF drug ).                       

Chapter 1-2   cancer overview How cancer develops, staging, different types of lung cancer, difference between non-small cell and small cell

Chapter 3      Lung cancer diagnostic tests

Chapter 4     Non-small cell lung cancer   Non-Small Cell treatment categorized by stage, chemotherapy, radiation,  

Chapter 5     smallcelllungcancer Small Cell treatment and overview 

Chapter 6      Chemotherapy (What is chemotherapy, how does it work,l results,) Chemotherapy drugs for lung cancer  (particular types of drugs).

Chapter 8      stage 1 non small cell lung cancer   (treatment options for stage 1 non-small cell lung cancer

Chapter 9      Lung Cancer Surgery (Types of lung cancer surgery) 

Chapter 12     Anti-angiogenesis drugs

Chapter 15     Surgery and Mesothelioma Mesothelioma, 

Chapter 17      HMO.htm  HMO problems and medical insurance issues.

                   Tumor stages ) Explanation of the TNM (Tumor, Node, Metastasis) staging system for non small cell lung cancer. 

                  lungbook1 (text of the book, A Complete Guide to Lung Cancer (may be slow to load on some computers)

                  Lung Cancer Newsletter                                                 

BOOKS    Pass, Lung Cancer Principles and Practice is the most important book for patients. Published in 2000 and containing contributions from over 20 noted authors, this meticulously researched 1200 page book provides a detailed examination of lung cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation as well as many other topics.  The book is designed for medical professionals and costs approximately $160.00.  Skip the first chapter which is unnecessarily complicated and get this book if you are committed to some thorough analysis.  Other books designed for patients include:

"Lung Cancer: Making Sense of Diagnosis, Treatment, and Options" Lorraine Johnston; $19.56 each.  This is a well-written book by a patient advocate who had written other books in the cancer area.  It provide a basic analysis of many aspects of lung cancer.   Even simply, "Lung Cancer : A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment" Walter J. Scott; $11.96provides a good overview of treatment but little detail about some of the medical controversies. All are available at                                            

CLINICAL TRIALS LIST (National Cancer Institute list of clinical trials)


Sadly over 70% of lung tumors are diagnosed at advanced stages, reducing the patient's opportunity for long term survival.  Our book is designed to educated smokers, nurses, and public health persons about the need for prompt detection of lung tumors.  In some instances, a doctor's failure to promptly diagnose a lung tumor, order or interpret appropriate tests may be malpractice.  We handled cases throughout the United States (affiliating with attorneys in other states) dealing with failure to diagnose lung and other cancers. The cases are handled on a contingency with a free consultation.  Web pages dealing with failure to diagnose and treat lung cancer are:   

Overview of delay in diagnosing lung cancer medical malpractice claims  medical malpractice delay in diagnosis lung cancer claims  

Typical Defenses used in medical malpractice cases Medical Malpractice, Failure to Diagnose Cancer Defenses

A physician's discretion and jury instructions in medical malpractice claims:
Medical Malpractice Jury Instruction Issues and Failure to Diagnose Lung Cancer

Exposure to Asbestos, Silica, and Other Forms of Dust as a Cause of Lung Cancer 

After smoking, exposure to dusts such as asbestos and silica are the leading causes of lung cancer.  Asbestos and smoking may combine to inhibit the body's natural defenses allowing a lung tumor to be created.  A worker exposed to asbestos or silica may have a worker's compensation claim and a claim against the manufacturers of asbestos or silica.  Our  office handles such claims.    

Compensation for exposure to asbestos in the workplace

Asbestos and Lung Cancer  

compensation for lung cancer

Silica and lung cancer, types of silica exposure,                               


Lung cancer patients should consider joining Alcase, an effective lung cancer advocacy group and review materials from the Cuneo Lung Study Team, and the European Lung Cancer Working Party.  


Howard Gutman is a New Jersey attorney based in Parsippany, New Jersey who has handled numerous legal claims involving pulmonary tumors.   A member of the board of directors of a leading cancer support group, he is the author of the upcoming book, A Complete Guide to Lung Cancer.    He has appeared on Good Day New York, spoken at the National Press Club  and been interviewed by NBC Nightly News.

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The foregoing is intended only to provide general information.  For information regarding your particular medical condition, see a qualified physician.


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